Go Local: Winter Session

Take a look at Brad from Well-Spent’s post on Winter Session.
From Winter Session website: “Our ongoing mission is to design and produce thoughtful, well made things in a responsible manner.  To us this means finding a balance between utilitarian function, aesthetic appeal, and real world durability, using sustainable materials and production methods.  We work  hard to create affordable, high quality products meant to last.”
Happy Thanksgiving!

New Favorite Start-Up: Bright Farms

Straight from the website:

How It Works

BrightFarms operates hydroponic rooftop greenhouses at grocery retailers, eliminating time, distance and cost from the food supply chain.

Turnkey Solution
BrightFarms is a finance, development and management business.

We design, finance, build and manage the operations of the BrightFarm to deliver produce at equal or higher service levels than the retailer currently requires of its other suppliers. There is no cost to the retailer to build the BrightFarm, only an obligation to purchase the output.

Farmers Market Freshness
By selling food immediately upon harvesting, with no storage or shipping, the retailer provides its customers with produce that is visibly fresher and more attractive, and that will last meaningfully longer and be more nutritious.

Improved Environmental Impact
A BrightFarm greenhouse produces food with a fraction of the land and water, with no chemical pesticides or agricultural runoff and with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

Higher Gross Margins
Longer shelf life results in less shrink, which will produce higher gross margins for the retailer.

Hedging Food & Fuel Price Increases
A long-term fixed-price contract will protect the retailer from volatile prices, rising oil costs and inconsistent supply.

With the elimination of shipping, and the drastic reduction of fuel consumption, carbon emissions and water use, BrightFarms enables grocery retailers to change their produce supply chain in a way that improves the planet and their bottom line.